Campaign Goals

Protecting Forests to Mitigate Climate Change

If protected, Massachusetts forests can help to prevent runaway climate change and protect resilient ecosystems that are able to adapt to change. Cutting down forests — especially burning them for energy — worsens climate change, degrades ecosystems, destroys cultural sites, and threatens public health. Intact Forests Fight Climate Change • Forests absorb and store carbon …

Research Shows: Health and Emissions of Biomass Burning…

Charts Showing the Rate of Emissions and PM 2.5 pollution of biomass for heat OR electricity is higher than fossil fuels

Social Costs of Carbon

The social costs down the road of ignoring the value of forests to mitigate climate change are enormous, incalculable, and the marginalized communities locally to globally will suffer first and most. The Social Cost of Carbon and Forests

Meg Sheehan: Clean energy does not come out of a chimney.