Help Stop H. 2932!

1.      Call & Email: Chairpersons of the Joint Committee on
Environment, Natural Resources and

Agriculture  (and other members of The “ENRA” Committee)

§  Senator Anne Gobi – (617)722-1540

§  Representative Smitty Pignatelli – (617)722-2210


2.      Email: – Sign up for our action
alerts and let us know what legislative action you took and their
response to your call.

Next Steps –  Come to our creative action!

WED., Oct. 18 – 9:30 11 AM at Sanderson Academy , 808 Cape Street, Ashfield, MA

On “National Bioenergy Day”, Mass. Forest Rescue Campaign has
organized a creative to stand out  for alternatives to Mass. Forest
Alliance’s  event (10AM-12PM) to celebrate the recent completion of
the wood pellet boiler, (Which incidentally,  will pollute the lungs
and bodies of children and staff with wood pellet smoke, Fine PM 2.5
particulates every hour 24/7 it is running. Bring a sign and a gas
mask, esp. if it is cold out!

Write a Letter to the Editor (300) words or “My Turn” (800 words)
about three paragraphs. (800 words comes fast!) for the Greenfield
Recorder:(Franklin County) or the Berkshire Eagle. (400 words) (Berkshire County)


“Five  Reasons to Oppose H. 2932” on our Facebook

Request more information: Research and policy briefs:

Take action now to preserve sacred forests & our right to clean air a
livable future for more of us!